Come Read With Me

Learn strategies to support your child’s reading at home. Take home a free resource package including a book, word cards and fun literacy games.

What parents say about Come Read With Me:

“This workshop answered so many questions we had.”

“Great tactics and advice; reminder that confidence is key.”

“I feel reassured that the focus on fun over perfection will lead to a love of reading.”

Join in and learn:

  • How we learn to read
  • How to choose “just right” books
  • How to read a book together
  • When and how to correct mistakes
  • Word games to help learn sight words

Your free resource package includes a book, word cards & word games.

Playing games encourages literacy skills such as:

·         Numeracy ·         Creativity/Storytelling ·         Problem Solving
·         Patterning ·         Attention/Focus ·         Social Skills
·         Organization ·         Fine Motor Skills ·         Memory

Sample some of these fun literacy games. For added challenge, use your own words on your game cards, and use them in a sentence to complete your turn.