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Come Read With Me

Learn strategies to support your child’s reading at home. Take home a free resource package including a book, word cards and fun literacy games.


What parents say about Come Read With Me:


  • “This workshop answered so many questions we had.”
  • “Great tactics and advice; reminder that confidence is key.”
  • “I feel reassured that the focus on fun over perfection will lead to a love of reading.”


Here’s what the 2021 Virtual Come Read With Me will look like:


Complete the registration form your grade one student brought home and return it to the school.


Choose from one of two sessions:


Tuesday, January 26th, 10 to 11AM


Wednesday, January 27th, 6:30 to 7:30PM


Join in and learn:


  • How we learn to read
  • How to choose “just right” books
  • How to read a book together
  • When and how to correct mistakes
  • Word games to help learn sight words


Receive your free resource package including a book, word cards & word games following your session.